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Two Finger Salute, that’s what we have come to?

On the way to work this morning I got the Two Finger Salute from the guy behind me. Guess I earned a double. My commute in the mornings usually consist of several speed zones. I start in a 40 MPH , then a 30, then down to 15 and back up to 30. So not a high speed trip by any means. Most days people zip right through the 15 MPH zone  like it was a 30 or 40. Myself included. It’s not a school zone, just a neighborhood street that the city deemed necessary to lower the limit. Several times I have even seen an older man standing outside his house in thr mornings recording every speeder that goes by with his phone. This morning I woke up with a headache. I could not get myself going for anything. As I drove into the 15 mile an hour zone, there was a city bus a few blocks ahead of me, and a traffic light turning yellow. I was in no rush as the light would be red before I got to it. Behind me was a little grey Honda Civic (I think). Slowing for the upcoming light I apparently made the driver behind me a bit anxious. This street is one of those where parking is on both sides of the road for the residents. At times the road narrows for only one car to pass through at a time. Slowly I move forward as the light turned green. The same bus, that had […]

Sex, Politics and Religion..(Now that I have your attention)

Growing up there were three main taboo topic for discussion. Sex, Politics and Religion were topics you just did not discuss. Well with the exception of when the family got together for dinner, religion and politics always was a debate. As we wind down the political discourse of our current election year, these three subjects are topic rather than taboo. Our Facebook feeds and virtually every headline reads how one candidate said or did something that the other candidate is somehow appalled by. Religious leaders, and even religion as a whole has been attacked. How can an “evangelical support so and so and so on”. Chauvinism, lies, affairs and sexually aggressive behavior have been exposed. True character of both parties have made it above the fold of our daily feed for our consumption. No longer do either party represent their constituents . Some voters blindly follow party lines while others are running for the hills or Canada. Sex, Politics and Religion sell headlines but should not control the White House. Our founding fathers would be appalled by our behavior. No longer do candidates represent what is right and true about America. We have fallen for the rouse of reality TV. Nominating those that provide entertainment and shock value rather than leadership. Everyone has the right to vote. That does not mean everyone should. We have other constitutional rights we are given that just as easily could be taken away. If you are a felon, you lose the right to own a gun. You also lose […]

In the Calm of the Storm, after Matthew

For the first time in many years as a Floridian, a last week’s hurricane made our city nervous. It is rare that hurricanes impact our little part of Florida. Jacksonville, our city lies, tucked away in the northeastern part of the state, we are usually protected. Last week on October 7th, the First Coast prepared for what looked to be a catastrophic event, it’s name was Mathew. After seeing the devastation left in its wake in Haiti. Our city began to prepare for the worst case scenario of a direct impact. Evacuations were ordered, store shelves emptied. The closer Matthew got to our coast the more time I spent circling my house and neighborhood in prayer. In times of despair and worry, we tend to turn to prayer as our salvation. Perhaps if we turn to Him in times of peace and tranquility, he will listen more carefully to our prayers. Wind and rain picked up, waves crashed ashore. Images of Matthew’s wrath covered the headlines of every channel. Fear was evident as the forecasters spoke of our imminent doom. Covering our home in prayer for protection, we chose to stay and see what the storm might bring. Flooding, downed trees, power outtakes, history washed away while other remnants washed ashore. Homes and roadways turned to rubble. As Matthew weakened and turned to the north, we began to breathe a sigh of relief. Our comfort took over as we thought the worst had passed. My wife and I sat down and started to watch a […]